The parish Liturgy Team works to plan the liturgical life of the parish.

This work stems principally from the celebration of the sacred Triduum and embraces all seasons of the Church’s year.

This Team is also the place where discussion about the ministry of the sacraments to ensure that these are well celebrated and in a welcoming way for all.

The Liturgy Team also plans the liturgical sapects of the monthly Special Events (when applicable).

The Team works to evaluate the liturgy and also to plan formation for the various ministries.

This Team meets approximately every month in the meeting room at the Church. (Details are given in the weekly bulletin.)

The Team is made up of represenatives of the liturgical ministries: Readers, Musicians, Flower Arrangers, Eucharistic Ministers, Passkeepers, Catechists and Children’s Liturgy.

All ministries are invited to ensure that their group is represented.

The Team can be contacted through any of the members.