Fabric and Finance

The Fabric and Finance Committee is governed by the norms laid down in universal law of the Church.(Code of Canon Law).
It serves to bring together people in a parish to advise the Parish Priest in the administration of the parish finances and in the upkeep and development of the parish buildings.
Every parish is required to establish a Finance Committee (Canons 537 and 1280).
When fully developed, such committees provide a key way in which lay people can participate responsibly in the administration of the parish, helping to relieve the Parish Priest so that he can concentrate on his pastoral and priestly ministry.
The Fabric and Finance Committee must follow the principles of good housekeeping outlined in Canons 1281-1288.

This group meets once every 8 weeks with smaller group meetings as needed.

The group has several members including the Parish Priest.
There is also a team who counts and banks the weekly collections
An administrator attends to the parish finances on a weekly basis.

This group can be contacted through any of its members or through the Parish Priest.