Hall Management

The Hall Management Committee is responsible for all aspects of the maintenance of the hall including its upkeep, administration, booking and development.
The Hall Management Committee also liases with the Fabirc and Finance Group and administers hall bookings and diary.

The Hall Management Committee meets on a regular basis.

The Management Committee consists of the Parish Priest ( or his nominee ) plus five elected/nominated members.
Members must be nominated and elected at the Parish Assembly and will serve for a two year period.
The Parish Assembly is an open meeting for the parishioners of Our Lady and St.George and any other interested parties.
The Parish Assembly is held in October of each year.
If a member of the Management Committee resigns or leaves, the remaining members can co-opt a replacement.
This person will serve until the next Parish Assembly where he/she or an alternative person can be elected.

Please see the brochure/form in the hall or church porch for full details of available lets.
Bookings will only be taken in writing on the form availabe in the hall or at the back of the church.
Click here for details.

This group can be contacted through any of its members or through the Parish Priest.